A drop d'Issey - An interactive retail experience​​​​​​​
Interactive innovation for the flagrance "a drop d'Issey" by Issey Miyake ​​​​​​​
Issey Miyake

Unicorn Paris 

Mechanic / 3D print
Yann Bouloiseau 

Creative Coder / Technical lead
Gregory Semmah

A single drop of water can reveal nature, it can become a magnifying glass or a mirror. 
It allows us to focus on what can not be seen, reveal hidden life, see the unseen.
We were inspired by the bottle and the scent of this new fragrance and created a device that could give that feeling of discovering a world in a drop of water. 
The plexiglass dome acts as our drop and gives life to the 3 component of "a drop d'issey":
The bottle, the scent, the concept.
By moving the drop over the lilac or the logo we discover a new fragrance's story.​​​​​​​
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